Monday, March 23, 2009

A Grand Finale

Thanks to everyone who made this year's campaign for the St. Baldrick's Foundation a great success. With your support, over $4,526 was raised; soaring past my goal of $3,000. If you haven't donated yet, there is still time to join the party--and conquer kids' cancer. To celebrate I have produced another short video (3 min). All I can say is, "watch from the beginning until the
end, even if 'you know how it ends.'"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shave Day

All photos taken March 17, 2009. More photos on FLICKR

Sideshow Bob, Dr. Weil, and a little chin music.

Mutton chop.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My first kiss

My first a very long time.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A photo from 1982. My first fro.

Haircuts Ten Dollars! Shaves Extra.

I need your support. In less than three days, I'm shaving my head for the St Baldrick's Foundation. Help Conquer Kids' Cancer by making a donation.

NEW VIDEO! "The Interview"
Starring Sharon. Featuring co-workers and friends.


A. J. Rocco's
816 Huron Road
Cleveland, OH 44115

Festivities begin at 5:00. I will register at 5:15, my headshaving will occur sometime after that. Stop by afterwork for a pint and celebrate! I'll be wearing white so you'll able to find me in the crowd.

Donate online
Donate by check (PDF)

See who's donated on my head

Friday, March 6, 2009

FRO on tour

Fro is hitting the campaign trail. Here is a list of upcoming events.

West Geauga Kiwanis Pancake breakfast
March 8, 9 am

Town Hall of Cleveland--David Pogue
March 9, 6 pm

Cleveland Institute of Art--Indesign Users Group
March 10, 6 pm

West Side Market
March 11, 1 pm

Civil War Roundtable (they all think I look like a re-enactor)
March 11, 6 pm

Cleveland Museum of Art--Museum
March 16, 9 am

March 16, 12 pm

Cleveland Museum of Art--Downtown
March 17, 9 am

AJ Rocco's
March 17, 5 pm

BALD on tour

AJ Rocco's
March 17, 7 pm

Cleveland Museum of Art--Museum
March 18, 9 am

West Side Market
March 18, 1 pm

Busta Gallery--Light of Day opening
March 20, 6 pm

Cleveland Internationl Film Festival

St B's official form letter

Guess what, I’m shaving my head! What on earth for? I’m going under the clippers at a St. Baldrick's event to raise money for childhood cancer research.

If you can, please come to AJ Rocco's on March 17 at 5:00 to watch and cheer me on. Whether or not you can be there, I hope you’ll support me – both in spirit and with a donation. All my donors’ names (unless anonymous) will appear on my page of the St. Baldrick’s website!

More than 160,000 kids are diagnosed with cancer each year. Despite tremendous progress, cancer remains the #1 disease killer of children in North America. I’m out to help change that! Since St. Baldrick’s began in 2000, shavees like me have raised more than $50 million, and this has grown into the world’s largest fundraising event for childhood cancer.

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation made $15 million in grants last year, to some of the top pediatric cancer researchers working today, and also to 30 young doctors who will be the research experts of tomorrow.

Children fighting cancer lose not only their hair but years of their childhood, and sometimes their lives. Compared to their struggle, shaving my head is a small sacrifice, and the money raised will make such a difference for them.

So, please help me raise as much as I can – both to justify this crazy decision, and to fund as much research as possible! No amount is too big or too small – every gift matters so much. Please help me reach my goal of $3,000 by March 17.

To give online, go to, click on “Donate” and search for my name as the participant to support. Or you can donate by phone at (888) 899-BALD, or write a check to “St. Baldrick’s Foundation.”

If you want to volunteer or get more involved, please let me know. We’re going to have some serious fun, Shaving the Way to Conquer Kids’ Cancer!



Sunday, March 1, 2009

Trailer : FRO III

Posted a trailer for FRO III on youtube. Don't forget to donate.

Buttons 2009

Donors I see in person will get a Fro III or Fro Magnon button. Facebook friends will be sent "Flair." This year's buttons appear in the photo below. Special thanks to B's Music.

I also have FRO III promo cards (say it like Rocky IV, "Fro Three"). Promotional cards are available to anybody who asks. Hold them up to the light, looking at the bald side and you can see a "before and after."


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