Friday, March 6, 2009

FRO on tour

Fro is hitting the campaign trail. Here is a list of upcoming events.

West Geauga Kiwanis Pancake breakfast
March 8, 9 am

Town Hall of Cleveland--David Pogue
March 9, 6 pm

Cleveland Institute of Art--Indesign Users Group
March 10, 6 pm

West Side Market
March 11, 1 pm

Civil War Roundtable (they all think I look like a re-enactor)
March 11, 6 pm

Cleveland Museum of Art--Museum
March 16, 9 am

March 16, 12 pm

Cleveland Museum of Art--Downtown
March 17, 9 am

AJ Rocco's
March 17, 5 pm

BALD on tour

AJ Rocco's
March 17, 7 pm

Cleveland Museum of Art--Museum
March 18, 9 am

West Side Market
March 18, 1 pm

Busta Gallery--Light of Day opening
March 20, 6 pm

Cleveland Internationl Film Festival

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